Mabel had her baby!
Meet Emery :)
(I just realized as I was typing this that I already have a sim name Emery haha. Oh well…different gender.)

So I forgot to start Fraps the last time I played my game and I only have these weird photos from accidentally clicking “c”. 

Basically Mabel decides she wants to settle down with Weston, he proposes, she finds out she’s pregnant with the other guys baby, and then they get married.

Oh and they get a puppy named Cairo!

Mabel can’t decide if she likes Weston or her boss more.
Weston’s really fun but there’s something intriguing about dating your boss…

So she invites him over to celebrate her birthday!
(and then randomly a full moon begins)

Mabel’s an adult now so that means she’s gotta start thinking about babies!

…and singing.
Mabel always has a ton of fun with Weston.

Mabel spends spooky day increasing her gardening skill.

After the frightening burglar incident, Mabel invites over a “friend”.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a sim wake up during a burglary. 
Mabel has an impressive (and hilarious) scared face.

He tried to steal her shower but the police saved the day.

Mabel is also interested in Weston Saylor, who she met while singing karaoke.

He even gives her flowers!