First time having a kitten in-game and omg SO CUTE.

Rory is the only one who seems to like taking care of the baby.

I really don’t understand why she has to smell for every important event in her life.

Anyways, she had a baby boy named Caelen!

y Well that’s an attractive face…

Well that’s an attractive face…

Rory is not pleased with the paparazzi. 

She really liked one who’s name I can’t remember and proposed to him. Then she studied and decided she wanted to have a bachelorette party with a bunch of people she didn’t know. Which was on the night before her finals, and so therefore she failed. The next day she went home and got married in her bathing suit, in the snow, in the dark, while she stunk. Sounds fantastic.

Recap over. Yayyy. On to Island Paradise.